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Anthropology Museum Tour

Highlights / General details

The Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City is one of the largest museums of its kind in the world and one of the most important in Latin America, here we can see a large collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts which had been found in different parts of the country, and created by the various cultures that developed in this vast territory that is today Mexico.

Thus, this museum honors and revalues the history, thought and development of Mesoamerican people. In its various rooms we will find small objects like spear points used by early hunters on the continent more than ten thousand years ago, as well as simple pieces made of clay for use in daily life and other religious ceremonies with great symbolic content. Some of these pieces are no bigger than the palm of our hand but there are others monumental, impressive and complex as the "Sun Stone" better known as the Aztec calendar.

To decipher and understand the content printed on these magnificent pieces, we will have the company of a guide- heritage interpreter who will unveil the meaning and value that these objects had in the societies of the ancient Mexicans, whether Mayas, Aztec, Zapotec , or other.


Cultural Guide-Interpreter.


Drinks, Souvenirs, Entrance to the museum, Optional tips, Transport.

Hours of operation

Tour is available Fridays.


3 hours.


Meeting point: Hotel Amigo Zocalo (Moneda 8, Downtown).


Children younger than 3 years old may participate for free.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior the tour.

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