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Machine Gun America - Orlando

Highlights / General details

Feel the rush of power as you take on the ultimate shooting experience at Machine Gun America, Orlando’s first and only Automatic Adrenaline AttractionTM. Our mission is simple—to provide each of our guests with big thrills and unforgettable action, as well as a bullet hole-ridden target to take home as a souvenir. You’ll get the opportunity to shoot real machine guns and other world-class firearms or square off in realistic, military-grade simulators for a totally new experience. Go for one of our themed shooting experiences for non-stop excitement. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss.

Our state-of-the-art facility holds the highest standards when it comes to safety measures and keeping you, and your group, secure while on the range. Whether you’re a first time shooter or a gun connoisseur, you can shoot confidently knowing our staff is specially trained and highly experienced. All of our range safety officers have a background in military or law enforcement, ensuring your time at Machine Gun America is focused on the rush and excitement of a shooting experience while our team takes care of your safety.

TRY IT/ADRENALINE SHOT: This shooting experience lets you fire live rounds using a real machine gun and semi-automatic pistol. It packs a powerful kick that’ll have you hooked on this one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush.

WESTERN SHOOTOUT: Channel your inner cowboy while you shoot the classic guns of the Wild West and wrangle up an unforgettable experience. Cowboy boots not required, but encouraged.

GANGSTER LAND: Take a trip back in time and get the chance to fire some of the most notable firearms of the 30s and 40s. From classic handguns to options with a little more kick, you’ll shoot legendary guns and join the ranks of infamous gangsters. Coming soon as part of this experience, Thompson Machine Gun and Double Barrel Shotgun!

AUTOMATIC DIVAS: Don’t mistake these classic and stylish pieces for anything less than legendary. Unleash your inner Femme Fatale and feel the rush of firing real machine guns with live ammo! An experience unlike any other, our Automatic Divas experience is sure to hit the target for first time shooters and firearm fans alike.

SPECIAL OPS: Make it your mission to take on the ultimate shooting experience. Get up close and personal with military-style firearms and get excitement in your sights. From first timers to sharp shooter, this experience offers all the action you’d expect from Machine Gun America, and much more.

007: Sleek, stylish, and always classy—shoot Bond-style with our selection of spy-grade firearms. These pieces of attractive hardware might be what some call “pretty,” but they still pack a jolt of excitement with each pull of the trigger.

THE WALKING DREAD: If pop culture has taught us anything, it’s that to survive the zombie apocalypse, you’ll need a really big gun. We went through our armory and picked out our top choices for undead hunting season, so this specially selected assortment of zombie-zapping firearms makes for a thrill-filled target practice.

BIG SCREEN LEGENDS: Feel like the star of your own feature film with a shooting experience that makes you the hero of the story. Fire renowned guns from famous film scenes, including Scarface’s M16 and Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum, and your sharp shooting might even help you make it to the big screen.


All packages include weapon rental, ammunition, range safety officer, range time, and safety equipment as listed per experience.

Try it/Adrenaline Shot: Gun - MP5, Rounds - 25; Gun - Glock17, Rounds 20.

Western Shootout: Gun - Side by Side Shotgun, Rounds - 6; Gun - Cimarron Revolver, Rounds - 10; Gun - Lever Action Rifle (.44), Rounds - 5.

Gangster Land: Gun - AK-47, Rounds - 25; Gun - Side by Side Shotgun, Rounds - 6; Gun - 1911 Pistol, Rounds - 14.

Automatic Divas: Gun - M4 (9mm), Rounds - 25; Gun - MP5, Rounds - 25; Gun - Glock 17, Rounds - 20.

Special Ops: Gun - M4, Rounds - 25; Gun - MP5, Rounds - 25; Gun - Glock 17, Rounds - 20; Gun - Mossberg Shotgun, Rounds - 5.

007: Gun - Suppressed M4, Rounds - 25; Gun - MP5, Rounds - 25; Gun - Suppressed Glock 17, Rounds - 20.

The Walking Dread: Gun - Glock 17, Rounds - 20; Gun - AK-47, Rounds - 25; Gun - Raging Bull Revolver, Rounds - 5; Gun - HK-91, Rounds - 20.

Big Screen Legends: Gun - M4, Rounds - 50; Gun - M4 (9mm), Rounds - 50; Gun - MP5, Rounds - 50; Gun - AK-47, Rounds - 50; Gun - Mossberg Shotgun, Rounds - 5; Gun - Raging Bull Revolver, Rounds - 5; Gun - 1911 Pistol, Rounds - 14.


Transportation to and from attraction. Additional weapons, ammunition, and targets may be purchased a la carte.

Hours of operation

10:00am – 8:00pm, Sunday – Friday; 10:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday.


Address: 5825 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee 34746.


Each package ranges depending on the number of weapons and how much time each guests needs with the range safety officer. On average, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, some guests have spent up to 4 hours.

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