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Mexico City Tour

Highlights / General details

In a city as big as Mexico’s with its more than 22 million habitants, time and organization is vital to get the best out of this city, and it’s not just big in size, it’s also over 4 thousand years of history; history in which we can submerge walking around the streets, parks, malls, archeological sites or visiting some of its almost 100 museums.

Searching for you to have the best experience traveling in the city of Mexico, we have designed a walkthrough especially for the ones who don’t have enough time to enjoy the city.

We start off in the historic center and to be precise in the Zocalo, where Aztec’s empire was once seated, “La Gran Tenochtitlan” that was later demolished by the Spanish conquest to build with the same stones the colonial city.

We will walk through some of the concurred street in the center and visit some emblematic like the metropolitan cathedral, the national palace, Bellas Artes and depending the season or the day events we would be involved in the disaster and the sea of people that visit them, live or work in this place.

Later that day in car we will go through Paseo de la Reforma into two of the most representative modern history neighborhoods, colony Roma and colony Condesa.

Like every other big city, Mexico’s a changing one that has been developing and adapting to the necessities and needs of the habitants, Avenue Paseo de la Reforma has testified a lot of these changes for more than 100 years, changes which today we can still observe. On this great avenue we can find many monumental sculptures that tell us different stories that have given it form and identity, such as the “El Ángel de la Independencia” icon of Mexico’s city, “La Diana Cazadora” and more recently the creation of “La Columna del Bicentenario”.

This avenue leads us to the museum of anthropology, but before, we will stop at colony Roma, and Condesa, where we will walk in some streets and parks that characterize it for its noveau architecture and art. For its urban design, and for it being one of the most reserved neighborhoods, making it a very comfortable area, for a bike ride, and it also offers a great variety of places to eat in the morning, or to have a drink in the night time, in Condesa and Roma you will find some of the most exclusive night clubs, here you will all get time to choose which place you would like to take your meals.

Afterwards, we will direct once more in the van to the museum of anthropology. Here we will admire some pieces of the vast collection of pre-hispanic art that lay at this museum, our guide will interpretate pieces such as the “Piedra del Sol” or the Aztec calendar, the Coatlicue, and many other more that will make us learn about the thought, life and culture of the different civilizations that developed in the ancient México.

Stops: Historic center of the city, Reforma avenue, Chapultepec park, Anthropology museum and history.


Bilingual guide Spanish – English, Transportation, Museum entrance.


Food and Optional Tips.

Hours of operation

Tour is available Daily. (Pickups from 8:00am to 9:00am) A member of the agency will call the day before and leave a message at your hotel with the pickup time.


9 hours.


Mexico City Hotels.


Children younger than 3 years old may participate for free.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior the tour.

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