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Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

from £20 per person

Take a journey through SeaLife Sydney Aquarium and explore Australia’s rich and diverse waterways, marine ecosystems and unique aquatic environments.

Along the way you'll encounter some of the world's most incredible animals, including the bizarre but beautiful dugongs - 2 of only 5 on display anywhere in the world - huge sharks, massive stingrays, majestic turtles, jellyfish, platypuses, penguins, sea dragons, thousands of tropical fish and much, much more.

From the freshwater rivers of the south to the tropical waters of the north, including the world's biggest and most impressive Great Barrier Reef exhibit, a trip to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium takes you around Australia's coastline, out into its oceans and up into its waterways - all without leaving the city.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All divers MUST be able to speak English. We regret for health and safety reasons we are unable to allow non-English speakers to dive with our sharks.

Scuba Diving is physically demanding and can be dangerous if you suffer from certain medical conditions. It is very important that you, the diver, do not suffer from any contraindications to diving.

Here is a list of medical conditions that may prohibit you from taking part in the Shark Dive for your own safety;

Asthma Heart Disease Epilepsy Diabetes, Chest Conditions incl. Pneumothorax Sinus Conditions Ear problems/surgery High blood pressure Pregnancy (Pregnant woman are not permitted to dive).

If you suffer from or have suffered from any of the above medical conditions OR If you suffer from any other medical conditions, including recent injuries, surgeries or psychological conditions then you will be required to obtain a fully completed medical clearance from your doctor prior to booking in for the dive.

If you require a medical form, please call reservations.

DO NOT drink alcohol the night before your dive.

DO NOT fly in an aircraft within 24 hours after your dive.

No diving experience is required.

Divers must be at least 14 years old, must speak a satisfactory level of English and satisfy our medical restrictions. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquariumreserves the right to refuse admittance to any person who does not satisfy these requirements. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquariumwill refuse admittance to any person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or behaving in an offensive/ uncooperative manner.

All Scuba Equipment will be supplied. Personal dive Masks & wetsuits are the only items that will be permitted to be used in the aquarium. Personal underwater cameras are not permitted.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquariumwill take underwater photographs and footage during Shark Dive sessions at its discretion. Please note however that SEA LIFE Sydney Aquariumstaff's primary responsibility is guest safety, not photos.

SEA LIFE SydneyAquariumreserves the right to cancel any dive session shouldthey decide that participation in a Dive is unsafe, or for any other reason which is at the absolute discretion of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

Should a Dive not proceed, then Divers will be re-booked at the earliest possible time at the convenience of the Divers, taking into account available places.

Entrance into SEA LIFESydney Aquariumis included in this price.

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